Taylor Swift’s giant mural in Oz

Taylor Swift is dead, according to an Australian street artist.

Kim Kardashian may well have ended the singer’s career earlier this week when she released footage of Kanye asking Taylor’s permission to use lyrics in his song, Famous.

And now Melbourne-based artist lushsux has created a giant mural in memory of Taylor.

The street artist had no mercy, and the mural reads, “In loving memory of Taylor Swift 1989 - 2016”.

In a picture of the mural posted to Instagram, lushsux wrote, “The recent passing of @taylorswift is heart wrenching. Come and leave some flowers and light some candles at her memorial in Hosier lane in honour of her memory. If you do please DM photos of you doing it. (sic)”

Lushsux is known for celeb murals and has even done pieces on Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies.