HIT: Viola Davis leads legal team on e.tv

After Sam’s body is discovered in a landfill, Hannah blames Annalise for his death, and demands that the cops search her house.

The Keating four are paaping, terrified that the police will find the bloodstains. And they are even more nervous because they don’t think anybody will sommer find parts of a burnt body in a landfill.

At the end of the episode, someone is arrested for the murder of Sam but we’re not going to reveal that!

In 7de Laan (SABC2 at 6pm), Aggie has been suspicious of Chris for weeks. And tonight she finds out his secret. Hier kom ‘n ding!

And it’s not only Chris who will have to face up to his liegstories, Hilda also gives Marko a tongue-lashing about his lies.

More secrets are coming out in Muvhango (SABC3 at 9pm), and these ones are over 20 years old. The revelation leaves Azwindini stunned van kop tot toon.

There’s at least a good story as well, as Nonny finally lets go of her pride and gives Bongi a chance.