All-girl band, Lady Noir CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

The sexy all-girl band Lady Noir have a few Bad Ideas they want to share with you.

The group released their first single, Bad Ideas, an upbeat pop song that will get you moving on the dance floor.

The group - Kay Joy, 24, from Stellenbosch, Sarah-Jane Thomas, 24 from Muizenberg and Danielle Bitton, 31 from Sea Point - was launched earlier this year and the girls are loving every moment.

“It’s been great, I feel like we have grown so much as a group and we are getting better through each performance,” says Sarah-Jane.

Bad Ideas is all about life choices people make that can lead to good or bad experiences.

In the chorus, the ladies sing: “Then we spend our lives together, hopefully forever, through smiles and tears, so much for bad ideas.”

The trio has had their share of bad ideas.

Sarah-Jane says: “I listened to my cousin when she said, ‘let’s jump off this hill together, there’s only grass below.’ Firstly I have bad ankles and secondly the grass was wet. And number three; she didn’t jump with me.”

She fractured her elbow and spent the rest of her holiday with her arm in a sling.

But Danielle believes every decision is an opportunity to learn.

“I try not to regret decisions I’ve made, as I think every turn down the “right “or “wrong “path leads you to a place of self discovery and is an opportunity for growth,” she says.

Lady Noir’s single is available on Soundcloud and iTunes.