The Someone Like You hitmaker released a statement saying she would be unable to perform her last concerts, at Wembley Stadium in London this week, because she had damaged her vocal chords.

Hundreds of fans flocked to Wembley Stadium on Saturday to take part in sing-alongs of her tracks. Others performed her songs in online videos to show their support.

But other fans are not so happy, saying Adele was uitgevreet, adding extra shows to her gigs.

They are especially kwaad as hotel and travel bookings may not be refundable.

Up to 100 000 fans were crushed when Adele announced she was scrapping the weekend show because of damaged vocal chords.

A Twitter user wrote: “She has been rather greedy and rather over rated. Boring songs which she shouts out...no wonder her voice broke...let’s hope she gives up some of her cash for a worthy charitable cause and refunds money appropriately.”