Zephany snatcher sentencing postponed



May 30, 2016
Zephany snatcher sentencing postponed

SUPPORT: Nurse family gather in prayer outside the Western Cape High Court after learning that the matter has been postponed. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

The accused's lawyer requested more time to compile reports.

The case against a woman convicted of kidnapping Zephany Nurse will resume in two months time.

On Monday the 51-year-old Seawinds residents made a brief appearance at the Western Cape High Court where sentencing proceedings were scheduled to go ahead.

But her lawyer, Reaz Khan told the court he was not ready to go ahead with the matter as there were some reports that he needed to compile that would help him during proceedings.

State Prosecutor Evadne Kortjie said: “We are ready to proceed with the matter however it us customary or rather procedure only dictates that the defence begins with their case, we are in the hands of the court.”

Advocate Kortjie also confirmed that Zephany was on their witness list but requested that once the case resumes that her evidence be done in camera.

Judge President Yahya John Hlophe granted the requested and ordered that there be no one in court during the 19-year-old’s testimony.

The matter was postponed to August, 1.

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