Zena’s star rising

Zena’s star rising

TALENT: Actress Zena Wood, 27

Kuils River woman making her mark in New York City.

Meet Zena Wood — the Cape Flats’ own Charlize Theron in the making.

Zena, 27, from Kuils River, says she’s been artistic since her primary school days at De Kuilen: “I sang from a young age and was always busy with some
production or concert. I am just creative.”

And she has a head on her shoulders — she finished a degree in Political Science at Stellenbosch University in 2011 before indulging her passion for the arts.

In 2014 she moved to the USA and since then has been making her mark with various short films and soon in reality TV.

Zena says: “I tried to create a soft landing by going to New York Film Academy. It was wonderful to meet people there and begin to create a life for myself away from home.”

Zena played the lead in independent short films, Into The Woods and Torp, but it’s her writing and producing skills that kickstarted another career path for this talented lady.

She says: “I produced The Arrangements this year. The film touches on subjects such as moral choices and what they can lead to.

“It is set in a future United States and looks at what that would be like politically and economically. I was privileged to work with very talented and skilled people.”

And now the Kaapse meisie is part of a US reality TV show called Make It, which focuses on female professionals
living in New York City. A range of professions are represented, including entrepreneurs, actors, producers.

“It is produced by Bonnie Bruderer who is a great TV host and entrepreneur in her own right. I’ve found that it is a good platform to speak about the industry and my personal experience of it,” says Zena.

She hasn’t forgotten about her Cape Town roots but right now she’s lighting up her name in New York.

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