Zelda’s Madiba memoir heading for the big screen

Zelda’s Madiba memoir heading for the big screen

Nelson Mandela and Zelda la Grange

Nelson Mandela's trust aide's memoir is being turned into a film.

Yet another movie is being made about the late Nelson Mandela.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Madiba’s trusted aide, Zelda La Grange’s memoir Good Morning, Mr Mandela, is headed for the big screen.

And on Monday, Maven Pictures announced that Shawn Slovo will adapt the book for the big screen.

Slovo, the daughter of struggle heroes Joe Slovo and Ruth First, has already started working on the script for the film.

The screenwriter is best known for the film A World Apart, for which she won a BAFTA for Best Screenplay in 1989 and the Grand Jury Prize at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival.

The film is based on her childhood in South Africa.

The book shares moments from La Grange’s 19 years of
service to Madiba.

La Grange told the Cape Argus on Wednesday she was “excited, honoured and humbled but also intimidated” by the upcoming film.

“I read once that someone said: The only acceptable way to get naked in public is to write.

“Well, the movie is like that. You are exposed and feel naked as every fibre of our being will be on the big screen and you will have to look at it too.”

The cast of the film is yet to be announced.

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