Your gays are numbered

Your gays are numbered

INSULTED: Gay star couple Carl and Errol Stroebel

Hunt for ‘Mock List’ writer.

The gay and lesbian community wants to expose a skinnerbek who’s been trashing them online.

Two famous personalities on the LGBTI scene have turned to their lawyer to help sniff out the gossipmonger who has been targeting mense with a monthly “Mock List”.

Gay couple Errol, 41, and husband Carl Kat Stroebel, 39, say this is cyber bullying and they want to expose the vuilbek, who they believes come from within the gay community.

The creator of the list is anonymous and has been posting since 2012.

Carl and Errol were among those “outed” in the November list, called the “MGWC (Miss Gay Western Cape) 2016 Mock Edition”.

Errol is accused of getting a blowjob from a contestant in exchange for winning a pageant, while Carl is accused of “looking k@k” and “suiping vaal wyn”.

Carl says: “This feels like a hitlist, you never know when you’re next on the list.

“This is someone who is part of the gay community, this is someone smiling and laughing with us at events.

“We are going to make a case of defamation of character and we are appealing to someone with the skills of tracking the creator of this list to come help us.”

Errol adds the list has “destroyed lives” in the past.

“In a previous list, someone was exposed for being gay before his family knew he was gay, another list said someone had Aids where in fact it was not true. Now people label each other based on this list, and it’s breaking up our community.”

The post reads: “Layla fake p*** Khan (Miss Gay runner-up) – jy wen humanitarian maar God jy doen dit net vir die photos, as jy charity doen moet almal dit sien, jy is ‘n fake b***. ek likes jo nie, jo p***. weet jou vet gat bag jy het Errol se p*** gesuig om te wen? En koop gevriet van almal. F**hol PERSONALITY. [sic]

Beauty queen Tiara Sky Harwood, 25, says she refuses to give attention to the mock list, while others, like Tyrone Martini, feel there is some truth in it.

Writing on Facebook, Martini commented: “My opinion based on the fact that I’ve read some of the lists, is that a lot of it is truth. I do not agree with hating on each other but do believe that if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Anastacia Paraskova, who was accused of creating the list, denies the allegations, saying on Facebook: “If people do feel they would like to blame /accuse me of this, please get your facts straight like the Brazilian Blow Outs I do.”

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