Young thugs smash 12 homes’ windows



September 1, 2016
Young thugs smash 12 homes’ windows

STUKKEND: Windows of 12 Tafelsig houses were smashed on Tuesday. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Tafelsig streets terrorised by little skollies throwing stones at houses.

These Mitchells Plain home owners are die moer in after all their windows were broken by young thugs.

The residents of Tafelberg and Sharon Street in Tafelsig say they are being terrorised by tiny members of the Hustler gang from Hyde Park, some as young as six years old.

More than 20 homes have been damaged, and most houses have been hit three to four times already since the attacks started last September.

The latest attack occurred on Tuesday afternoon when 12 houses were targeted.

Angry home owners say desperate calls to police go unanswered, and police would also not open cases.

Residents say they fear for their lives and speak to the Daily Voice on the condition that they remain anonymous.

Another three say the gang of up to 30 boys from Hyde Park, across Tafelberg Road, rush over the field and pelt them with stones and bricks.

Her children are too scared to play outside.

She says: “They try to draw our kids into their gang activities. The gangsters promise them food, clothes and money and they sell their drugs and hurt people. Hulle word van kleins af getrain om te sak vir hulle nommer.

“The police were called more than 20 times on Tuesday afternoon, but they still have not shown up.”

A pensioner says they can no longer afford to replace the broken windows and have taken to boarding, or even bricking them up.

She says: “I am tired of having to use my pension to buy new windows. The lady up the street here supplies us with good-priced windows. It costs R85 for a big one and R65 for the smaller one. Even her home has been robbed.”

She says after the windows of one house were all smashed in, the owner packed up and left yesterday.

A desperate dad adds: “We are tired of being victims. If the police don’t step in, we will have to take things into our own hands.”

Residents had a meeting with Mitchells Plain SAPS yesterday to discuss the matter.

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