You messed with the wrong guy



November 8, 2016
You messed with the wrong guy

GIVEN A WARNING: The robber who was caught

Ex-policeman moers thief who tried to rob him.

An ex-cop stopped two suspected thieves in their tracks after they tried to rob him at an ATM.

He beat one of them to a pulp but then rescued the same man from an angry mob baying for the skelm’s blood.

A quick visit to the ATM on Sunday just after 11am turned very dramatic for Nezaam Sedick, 44, of Mitchells Plain.

Nezaam says he was at Muizenberg Flea Market and needed some cash, so he went to the nearby FNB ATM at Capricorn.

Nezaam handed in his badge after six years on the police force to become a building contractor, but apparently still has an eye for spotting criminals.

He says: “The one in front of me pretended to be making a withdrawal with a Pick n Pay shopper card.

“There was a piece of paper jammed in the machine and I politely told him to remove it.

“When I stepped forward to make my withdrawal, I had one [skelm] on each side of me.

“I told them I know what they are up to.

“The one tried to distract me while the other tried to swap my bank card with the card in his hand.

“But the security guard and I were too quick for them, because he also noticed what was going on.”

Nezaam says the security guard grabbed the one boef while he tackled the other one.

“I began beating him with my fists. Let’s just say the blood even fell onto my takkies, and he was lucky he was still alive because I am gatvol of crime.”

A crowd had gathered and wanted to moer the skelms themselves, but Nezaam who was shot and injured while on duty in Tafelsig a few years ago, felt he needed to protect the man from the mob.

“I asked him if I have his permission to place him inside the boot and he agreed because he knew the mob was waiting for him,” he says.

“I drove with him to Steenberg Police Station but I told the sergeant I will not make a case and to just give him a warning.

“He came all the way from Gugulethu to rob people.”

It is not clear what happened to the other would-be dief.

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