You Conte do that



October 25, 2016
You Conte do that

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Mourinho: Don't humiliate me.

José Mourinho accused Antonio Conte of humiliating him at
Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho was returning to Stamford Bridge, the place where he dubbed himself the “Special One” when he first arrived in 2004.

But after his Manchester United side were klapped 4-0 by his former team, Jose wasn’t
feeling so special anymore.

After N’golo Kante made it 4-0 with 20
minutes to play, Conte celebrated wildly and encouraged the Chelsea fans, who once adored Jose, to make some noise.

And after the final whistle, José could take no more and whispered in Conte’s ear after the game.

While both managers wouldn’t repeat what was said, the Italian media claim they could lipread Jose’s comments.

And this is what he said: “You don’t celebrate like that at 4-0. You can do it at 1-0, otherwise it’s
humiliating for us.”

But the former Italy boss says that was not the case and that he was only getting the fans to show his team some appreciation.

Conte says: “I was a football player, so I know how to behave on the pitch. I have great respect for everyone.

“There were United fans who kept singing, while ours were in silence after a great performance from my team. I wanted to call the crowd to applaud the players, which seems normal…

“Nothing happened with José, especially as my behaviour seemed normal. I didn’t make fun of anyone, as I always demand respect.

“If you want to cut the emotions, we can stay at home and I will change jobs. I did something absolutely normal. I didn’t do anything to humiliate Mourinho.”

Conte adds: “I am delighted for the performance because we played very well with good intensity, good positions and we moved the ball very quickly and created many chances to score goals.

Mourinho’s United have another tough encounter in the League Cup tomorrow night against rivals Man City.

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