You are undie arrest



May 19, 2016
You are undie arrest

PRANK: Gershwin Daniels shows Facebook in which he is named and shamed as a perv. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

'Panty thief' wants his name cleared.

This Cape Flats man is desperate to clear his name after he was outed as a “pentie dief” on Facebook.

On Tuesday, Mushfiek “Fiekie” Jacobs, 22, posted a message and a photograph on the Kensington/Factreton Anti-Crime Forum’s Facebook page, claiming he had caught a thief red-handed stealing his wife’s onderklere.

He wrote: “People please be vigilant, caught this guy red-handed stealing my wife’s panties from the washing line.”

By last night, the post was liked more than 100 times, with over 50 mense commenting, with some claiming the man in the photo was a “well known thief” in the area, while others joked that he had girlfriend problems.

Ameerah wrote: “Lmk really what is next, if your private part is on the line then will they steal that too.”

However, an outraged Gershwin “Cheesy” Daniels, 30, of Factreton claims the post is a prank played on him by friends after a night of heavy drinking.

“Last week we were standing near the garage, my friends and I were drinking beers and Jameson,” he says, wearing the same red jacket he wore in the photograph.

“I don’t know how much I drank but I got gesuip.”

Daniels looked shocked when the Daily Voice showed him the post on Facebook.

“I knew he took the picture but I didn’t know he was going to Google it (post it online),” he says.

“I am no panty thief; I have never stolen anyone’s panties or anything from anyone.”

Daniels, who is unemployed, now intends opening a case against Jacobs.

“This is very dangerous being on Facebook, this is naming and shaming me, this is defamation of character.

“I don’t even have a girlfriend,” he adds.

Gershwin’s upset mother, Dawn Daniels, also came to his defence.

“He has been living for 30 years in this community and has stolen nothing from anyone,” she says.

Jacobs’ mother Nabuwiya says she has no idea why her son would do such a thing.

“I will speak to him and ask him to remove the post, he isn’t even married (for his wife’s panties to be stolen).”

Captain FC Van Wyk said police had no record of the matter.

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