Wynberg Girls’ High in abuse scandal



November 22, 2016
Wynberg Girls’ High in abuse scandal

Students at Wynberg Girls High School want their hostel manager removed

Pupils claim their hostel manager is guilty of racial and sexual abuse.

A female hostel manager at Wynberg Girls’ High is accused of sexual abuse.

A group of pupils at the school has called for the immediate removal of the manager, due to alleged racial and sexual abuse.

In a statement sent out by Fees Must Fall Western Cape, it reads: “We, the learners at Waterloo House, would like someone out there to hear us, we have been violated, broken repeatedly and we now feel helpless.”

The pupils list “many soul-destroying incidents” they’ve allegedly experienced, such as being called the k-word, groping, kissing and slut-shaming.

“She called us “bloody k@ff!rs” and has used k@ff!r when discussing us. She claims that we use it on each other and therefore we should not be offended, we do not use that world AT ALL,” read the statement.

“She kisses and touches us inappropriately, even when we ask her to stop — we want our no to mean no!”

“She thinks we are ‘sex-crazed’, she slut-shames us, she offers condoms to learners without them asking for them.

“She steals our money and medication when she feels like it.

“We are living in constant fear of what [she] will do next.

“[She] doesn’t know how to raise children, she has destroyed our self-esteem, and no one seems to take our concerns seriously. Now we are coming to you the outside world. We are writing exams, which we will not jeopardise, we are therefore issuing this statement together with personal accounts of the daily violations we are experiencing at her hands.”

Earlier this year, Wynberg Girls’ pupils joined Sans Souci Girls’ High’s call for hair rules to be relaxed.

Wynberg Girls’ High Principal Shirley Harding said the Western Cape Education Department is investigating.

“The school has forwarded the girls’ statement to WCED and requested WCED to urgently intervene. We have been advised that the Circuit Manager responsible for our school will be visiting the school [yesterday] and speaking to the parties involved,” she says.

“We also wish to state unequivocally that learners are never victimised for voicing their concerns and will not be victimised for raising these issues.”

WCED spokeswoman Jessica Shelver says: “There are a number of concerning allegations made and our officials are investigating as a priority.”

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