‘WP going down’



November 29, 2016
‘WP going down’

MAN IN THE MIDDLE: WP boss Thelo Wakefield

WPRFU obtains order for provisional liquidation of Western Province Rugby (Pty) Ltd.

The liquidation of WP Rugby (Pty) is going to destroy rugby in the Western Cape, according to the company that is at the heart of the controversy surrounding the union, Aerios.

The WPRFU applied for, and obtained, an order for the provisional liquidation of Western Province Rugby (Pty) Ltd, in which it is a 75 percent shareholder, on November 7.

According to a statement released by the union at the time, “the tipping point for [their] finances was the persistent and complex legal disputes relating to certain commercial, media and wi-fi rights with one partner in particular, Aerios, over the last year”.

But Costas Constantinou, the CEO of Aerios, adds that the liquidation is a “fraudulent plot” and says it feels like he is “one guy fighting monsters”.

Despite Western Province rugby president Thelo Wakefield saying player salaries will be unaffected and that everything will remain the same, Constantinou is adamant that this will not happen.

Embroiled in more court battles, Constantinou tells Sport24: “Contrary to what Wakefield says, things won’t be the same.

“This is going to destroy rugby in the Western Cape.

“We want players, ex-players, clubs, the shareholder Remgro… to stand with us to stop this liquidation…The brand will be driven through the mud.”

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