‘Worse’ timeslot for Days



October 13, 2016
‘Worse’ timeslot for Days

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Days of Lives moves to midnight slot.

There’s high drama again with Day of our Lives after the soapie was first axed then brought back onto local screens.

This time fans are up in arms because the soap is being moved to an even later timeslot.

Days has gone from 5.30pm to 11.30pm and now to midnight!

Fans of the show have been flooding SABC3’s social media with their complaints about yet another schedule change.

This comes after the channel announced that the soapie would move to midnight as of today.

TV Plus confirmed the news to fans on Facebook, via a statement from SABC3.

Trending SA is moving into the Larger the Life timeslot. Trending SA is an hour-long whereas Larger the Life was only half an hour hence all our properties that were at 10pm will start half an hour later and it will have a ripple effect on the others.”

But fans are having none of it.

Edward van der Westhuizen wrote: “Wait! Wait! Did you just mix ‘Days of our Lives’ and ‘Midnight’ in one sentence? From better to worse? I don’t have to let this slip out of my mouth when my grandma is around. She will faint!”

A sarcastic Patsy Viljoen said: “We all begged and pleaded and SABC 3 in their infinite wisdom heard our pleas and has made it the first show of the day.”

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