Woodstock cops are tops



November 18, 2016
Woodstock cops are tops

Woodstock SAPS held their Christmas party for Cape Flats seniors. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas / Daily Voice

SAPS entertain senior citizens.

These golden oldies had a lekker time yesterday being entertained by SAPS.

More than 250 seniors sang and danced, enjoyed a three-course lunch and even a beauty pageant to crown the most oulike ouma.

The Woodstock Town Hall was buzzing with pensioners from the Cape Flats who enjoyed the annual Woodstock SAPS Christmas party.

Artists like the Amigos, Thee Az, and Dickie Hendricks performed hits from Peaches and Herb and Frank Sinatra.

The crowning moment was when 20 women between 50 and 88 years old competed for Miss Woodstock.

The oldest woman at the party, 88-year-old Johanna Blumeris of Arcadia Place in Observatory, surprised everyone when she pranced around.

Johanna won the title, while Marina Harris, 67, uitgevat in a fur coat, was named first princess, and Veronica Matthews, 62, of Bonteheuwel was crowned second princess.

A happy Johanna won a two-plate stove, kettle and toaster.

Johanna was never married and has no children, nor any surviving siblings.

She says: “I was one of nine children and I was the youngest. They all looked after me and in the end I buried them all.”

Marina had these pearls of wisdom: “Immortality lies not in the things you leave behind, but the people’s lives you touch.”

Sergeant Hilton Malila, Woodstock Police Station spokesperson, was the MC, and says the event is also aimed at creating awareness for the elderly: “This is about giving back to our seniors who are placed into homes and their own children do not have time for them.”

The pensioners were given safety tips, about withdrawing money, they are advised to go to the ATM in groups, not to withdraw large amounts of cash, and never to speak to strangers at an ATM.

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