Woman, niece ‘stabbed by ex-lover’



November 10, 2016
Woman, niece ‘stabbed by ex-lover’

FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE: Hendrina Manuel, 34

Mom in critical condition, toddler slashed across her face after man attacks them on veld.

A mother of three is fighting for her life after she and her one-year-old niece was brutally attacked, allegedly by her ex-lover.

Hendrina Manuel, 34, is in a critical condition in hospital after her face was slashed and she was bashed over the head with a concrete slab.

Her tiny niece, Jamie Swartz, is also recovering in hospital after she was stabbed in the face.

The alleged attacker was also admitted to hospital after angry Hanover Park residents found him near the scene and beat him up.

Edrina Manuel, 66, says her daughter was dragged to an open field about one and a half kilometres from her home in Algoa Court on Monday morning.

“(People) found her lying there with a block of slab on her face but by the time I got there, they already removed it,” she says.

“My grandchild was sitting there quietly on her knees, looking at her aunt. She was also bleeding. They were both cut in their faces,” she says holding back tears.

Edrina, who lives in the same court as her daughter, says: “She looks after her sister’s child so every morning she comes to me with her.

“She was on her way to me and (her ex) was in the court and called her over.”

Edrina suspects her daughter was attacked because she recently dumped her berk.

“She broke up with him about three weeks ago and moved in with her sister,” she says.

“I don’t know if that is why he did that. She lived with him and before she came home, he took her to the clinic to find out why she can’t fall pregnant.

“He didn’t know (she’s on contraceptive), after the clinic visit she came home and locked herself in my room.”

“It could be that he wanted to kill her because he can’t have a child with her,” the mother adds.

Red Cross Hospital spokesperson Angelique Jordaan says Jamie is in a stable condition.

“The patient is currently in a stable condition after being admitted… on Monday with facial injuries,” she says.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says: “A skeleton docket was opened after a man was assaulted by community members.

“He was taken to hospital,” she adds.

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