‘Woman, 72, threw acid at neighbour’



September 20, 2016
‘Woman, 72, threw acid at neighbour’

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An elderly woman allegedly flung a chemical substance into her neighbour's garden.

Berlin – Police in Germany have filed a complaint against a 72-year-old woman for allegedly attacking her neighbour with acid to end a long-standing dispute.

A criminal complaint for defamation and assault was filed against the woman, from the town of Tribsees in the eastern German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Her alleged victim, a 53-year-old neighbour, was admitted to hospital for further examination.

Police said Monday that the 53-year-old was watching as her elderly neighbour flung a strong-smelling liquid over the fence into her garden.

When the 53-year-old approached the spot to take a closer look at the liquid she suffered an allergic reaction. Police suspect the substance to be butyric acid.

During questioning, the 72-year-old neighbour admitted to possessing butyric acid – but vowed that it was only used to control voles.

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