With these role models…



October 18, 2016
With these role models…

TRUE COLOURS: Donald Trump

Millennial babes have access to so much info, how do we has parents control it?

Our kids are being bombarded with some very unsavoury behaviour from very influential people.

It is true that pop culture has always had fingers pointed at it, but let’s just be honest.

Never before have we as parents had to deal with the onslaught of media access to this extent.

As a result, we are having to find ways of explaining to our kids the rise of mindless celebrities, who launch themselves into stardom with no more of a talent than being able to press “record” on a video camera and star in a home-made sex tape.

Previously, only the inner circles knew if the country’s leader was morally corrupt. These days, leaders almost flaunt their lack of principles; and they get blanket media coverage.

CLAIM TO FAME: Kim Kardashian was at the centre of a sex tape scandal

When you compare this to the “unholy” spectacle that was The Beatles, Cliff Richard and Buddy Holly back then, can you blame the state of affairs we are in? The celebrity scene has become so crowded and coveted, that people are having to resort to the lowest common denominator just to get noticed. It appears that in just one generation, we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous to the absurd.

Take the latest Donald Trump scandal. There’s a video of him talking horribly about a woman he admits trying to sleep with.

Of course it has outraged most reasonable people, but it’s the explanation given by Trump that has me now questioning both the sanity and the humanity of his supporters.

Trump says it was “locker room talk”. This is supposed to satisfy us that he would never speak about women like that outside of a locker room.

But the truth is, it’s not about what he would and would not say in public. It’s about what he believes as a human being.

And for men like Trump, the truth always comes out when they think the cameras are not rolling. The same media that made him, will also topple him.

With leaders and celebrities acting like this, how can we blame our kids for turning out the way they do?

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