Will Elba be the next Bond?

Will Elba be the next Bond?

Hunky British actor Idris Elba

Source reveals that Idris will be a good option to play Bond... James Bond.

The world may soon get its first black James Bond — Idris Elba has been shortlisted for the iconic role.

That is if Daniel Craig continues with his threat to quit the successful franchise.

A source at the company told The Sun newspaper: “To get anyone to take over from Daniel will be a tough job.

“There will be a lot of trepidation about a new Bond, but Idris’ talent and proven appeal gives executives a lot of heart.

“Idris [43] may be a little older than the other candidates but he looks like he is still in his 30s.”

Other contenders include Poldark star Aidan Turner, Fast and Furious actor Luke Evans, Thor’s Tom Hiddleston, as well as Michael Fassbender and Charlie Hunnam.

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