Why V+A Minstrels are the A-team

Why V+A Minstrels are the A-team

STYLISH: V+A Minstrels are a relaxed and committed troupe

Troupe return to the Super League of the CTMA at Athlone Stadium.

V+A Minstrels were started in 2007.

From day one, they have always been known as a troupe with style.

Except for a few misses, their uniform always catches the eye.

This year, the troupe is preparing to be at least 800 strong, as they return to the Super League of the CTMCA at Athlone Stadium.

Secretary Adnaan Mohamed says: “Due to the overwhelming demand of our general membership, we are returning to where we started.

“Many feel that the competition is of a higher standard at Athlone Stadium, and as we head towards our 10th anniversary next year, we felt we needed to measure ourselves against that.”

It seems that many of V+A Minstrels’ previous members are returning home.

In addition to many members coming back from other teams, now that V+A are playing at Athlone Stadium, they have also re-united with the Sunshine Sporting Club.

The V+A Minstrels practise at Chapel Street Primary on a Sunday afternoon and at the Marion Hall on a Wednesday night 8pm to 10.30pm.

I visited the klopskamer and found that there was a very relaxed, but committed vibe.

Everyone seems to want to make V+A’s return to Athlone a great one!

President of V+A Minstrels Ebrahiem Salie says that they are pleasantly surprised by the rejoining of old members as well as new members wanting to join.

He says: “Our doors are open to everyone and we are looking forward to a lekker season ahead.”

Like with all other troupes, fundraising and events are a core activity of this troupe. 

  • On Friday, October 21, they are having a variety show at the Athlone Civic.  
  • On Sunday, October 30, they are having a “mini road march” in Salt River, Woodstock and Bo- Kaap . Everyone to meet at the Klopskamer at 3.30pm. 
  • On Saturday, November 5, they will have a karaoke at Bo-Kaap Civic.  
  • On Friday, December 16, they will be having a Gala Dinner in Athlone Civic.

For more information contact Hiema on 083 456 5032 and Addie on 079 536 7782.

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