[WATCH] Wheel-bed hero is charged up to go!



May 18, 2016
[WATCH] Wheel-bed hero is charged up to go!

ENERGISED: Ashley Willis, 43, of Beacon Valley received new batteries for his wheelbed. CREDIT: Betram Malgas

Cape company donates batteries worth R8K a pop to legless man.

A legless man can motor again after a Cape company replaced his pap wheel-bed battery.

The Daily Voice brought you the inspiring story of Ashley Willis, 43, last month.

The Mitchells Plain man lost his legs 20 years ago after he was shot five times in broad daylight while he was working as a security guard at the Cornflower Primary School in Lentegeur.

Ashley, 43, of Beacon Valley, was hospitalised for six months.

But he was afflicted with bed sores, leading to both his legs being amputated.

He now suffers from a condition where the pressure points on his backside are hypersensitive, which requires him to lie down all the time.

Four years ago, Ashley was given a specialised wheelchair which resembles a bed, the first of its kind to help with his condition.

But last month his wheel-bed ran out of juice and he needed to replace the battery, which he couldn’t afford at R8000 a pop.

The good people at GetSavvi Health saw the article and decided to step in, and donate two batteries to him yesterday.

Ashley says he’s been stuck at home for weeks, but is ready to roll again.

“I’m so happy, I’m alive again. No more sitting in the house, now I can move again,” he says.

The new batteries will last him at least four years and he will only have to recharge them every second day, which gives him time to go fetch his best friend’s child at school and ‘paint the town red’.

His grateful mom, Jeanet Willis, 60, adds: “I appreciate this so much. Now he doesn’t have an excuse not to attend church.”

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