‘We will bang tins to break the silence’



October 27, 2016
‘We will bang tins to break the silence’

KILLED: Mom Christa September

Dorpie takes a stand against crime.

A rural dorpie hit by several murders, including that of a young mom and her son in recent weeks is taking a stand against crime.

Tomorrow, schools and residents of Villiersdorp are planning to march through the town towards the shack where Christa September and her son Tino, six, were beaten to death with a hammer last week.

“We will bang tins against each other as a way to ask people to break the silence and speak out against abuse in order to prevent such tragedies,” explains Helen Douwrie-Smith of Kosie De Wet Primary where Tino was a Grade R learner.

She adds the school held a small memorial service this week and also plan to plant a tree in front of Tino’s classroom in his memory.

Meanwhile little Crystal September, who suffered head injuries during the attack, is still in a critical condition at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Crystal, three, and her four-year-old sister Arisha were the only ones to survive in their home in West Side informal settlement in Villiersdorp.

Arisha escaped the attack by hiding behind the curtains and spent the night in the bloody shack with the bodies of Christa, Tino and her mother’s boyfriend Patrick Naphai, who committed suicide.

But while she escaped physical injuries, Arisha is traumatised, says her aunt Joyce September.

“She is very aggressive and wild. Sometimes she is in a world of her own,” says Joyce.

“It’s been a week but social workers haven’t come to give her any counselling yet,” she adds.

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