‘We swore to always be true’



December 1, 2016
‘We swore to always be true’

Mietha and Isaac Koopman both 81, from Kraaifontein

Couple celebrate 60th anniversary.

This married couple who recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary say they only know “for better”, because there’s never been a “for worse” in their time together.

Happy couple Mietha and Isaac Koopman of Kraaifontein says the secret to their long union is absolute honesty and always appreciating one another.

The ouma and oupa got married when they were 20 years old, and have seven children, all of whom are still alive.

Their daughter Ria and her husband William Atkin recently threw them a lekker party to celebrate their big day.

Ouma Mietha, 81, says: “Firstly I want to thank our heavenly father for so many years of wedded bliss with my beloved husband.

“And thank you to my son in law and his wife for the lovely supper at Cape Gate mall.”

The mom added: “My recipe for a long and happy marriage is to appreciate your spouse and never let secrets come between you.”

They’ve also been blessed with good health.

“My Isaac doesn’t know the inside of a
doctor’s surgery, he is just as healthy as our marriage.”

“The day we got married in Elsies River, we swore to always be true to each other, and daai staan nog soos ‘n paal bo water,” she says.

Isaac, 81, adds: “My wife always knew where I was. She had such a strict dad that I had to get a predikant to convince him to let her marry me.

“She is still my lovely flower.

“I look forward to our next 10 years together with the grace of God.”

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