We survived killers’ fire



May 20, 2016
We survived killers’ fire

BIG SHOCK: Very Dirty Kids gang member Piepie, 20.

Two teen survivors reveal truth of fatal attack.

Two survivors of a horrific attack in which two teenagers were stoned to death and set alight have revealed the truth behind the fatal incident.

The bodies of Adalaine “Barbie” Bruiners, 15, and an 18-year-old teen were found in the rubble of a zinc hokkie in Petersen Street in Wallacedene on Sunday night.

Adalaine’s traumatised parents told the Daily Voice that their daughter was supposed to visit her aunt in Scottsdene, and that they had no idea why she was in Wallacedene.

An eyewitness said the youngsters were hanging out and smoking okka pipe, when a gang of young skollies attacked them. At the time, it was thought the two were alone in the hokkie.

But yesterday two young men came forward to say they survived the attack, which they confirmed was gang-related.

The men, who asked to only be identified by their nicknames, said they are members of the Very Dirty Kids gang in Wallacedene.

Foelas, 21, explains: “We are the VDKs and we have been under attack from our rivals.”

“It was about 7pm on Sunday and we were chilling with a okka pipe in Petersen Street. We were about 12 men in the hokkie, with three girls, including Barbie. She was smoking okka with us.

“There were three girls outside at the galley blik.

“Three jongens went to go piemp us to our rivals, and about 30 of them came to attack us with stones that they brought with them. One of them had a crate of klippe, and they had pangas.

“The dead guy didn’t know what was going on, and he went to go hide behind a chair in the hokkie.

“There was a scooter outside and the gang took the petrol from it and threw it inside the Wendy. Then they took the galley blik and tossed it inside.

“They blocked the glass door when we tried to escape.”

Piepie, 20, says the gang stoned them the entire time.

“Barbie fainted beside me when she was hit with a brick and I was hit in my backside,” he says.

They eventually managed to escape and chased after the gang but they got away.

“We’re not a violent skollie gang, we just like nice times and parties,” he added.

“It’s a big shock to us that Barbie died, she wasn’t involved with verkeerde dinge.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed that the SAPS gang unit was investigating the matter, but would not comment further, saying the matter was at a sensitive stage.

It is not clear if any arrests have been made yet.

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