We made the Guptas rich



September 6, 2016
We made the Guptas rich

SHARES SOLD: Ajay and Atul Gupta

From their newspaper to their business empire, that's our money I'm talking about.

The Guptas decided to sell all their shares in their SA business, many saying it’s a victory.

Let’s assume the reports are true and almost all their business were paid for by our taxes.

We paid for their New Age newspaper, featuring government ads to go to SAA and other parastatals and then we pay for government tenders they want us to believe they got fair and square. Now I’m talking about ongoing business over many years, amounting to many millions, if not billions.

Which is exactly how much they will get for their shares. So in effect, you and I have paid for the Guptas to become wealthy, so they can go set up shop in Dubai. Without us, they would probably still just be another anonymous bunch of struggling business people innocently running a cellphone shop in Joburg somewhere.

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