‘We live in fear’



October 6, 2016
‘We live in fear’

DEAD: Shileen Jacobs, 29, was shot before she could testify

Four suspects walk after murder witness is killed.

A Cape Town community say they are crippled by fear after the release of four murder suspects.

Hours after the State’s star witness in a triple murder case, Shileen “Linkie” Jacobs, was gunned down, the men she was set to testify against were free.

The National Prosecuting Authority confirmed all the charges against murder suspects Tashwell Koopman, Mario Theunis, Tyrone Taylor and Carl Barendilla have been dropped.

Shileen, 29, witnessed the murder of Kim Roberts, 31, and newlyweds Leonardo and Shannon Fortune in December last year.

Investigating officer Craig Phillips said in court Roberts was the intended target of the attack, and Shileen could identify the shooters.

After previous attempts on her life, Shileen was finally gunned down in Hydra Street, Ocean View, last week Monday.

Shileen’s sister, who didn’t want to be identified, previously told the Daily Voice the dead woman had vowed “never to go on record” with what she witnessed on the fateful night of December 5 in Pypie Court in Ocean View.

Police spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, were arrested in connection with Shileen’s murder.

“One was arrested on Saturday and one on Monday. Both appeared in the Simon’s Town Magistrates’ Court,” Van Wyk says.

Shileen’s mother, who also did not want to be identified, now just wants to move on.

“She had a good heart and didn’t deserve to die. Her funeral (on Tuesday) was very sad and I just want to remember my daughter,” the mom says.

“I have nothing to say about (the murder suspects) I just want to forgive and forget. God will deal with them.”

An Ocean View community leader says residents are angry.

“The community is at the point where they want to take the law into their own hands,” says the man who asked not be identified,

“They feel like the justice system has failed them. Shileen was killed (in the early hours of Monday) and (hours later) on Tuesday they were released.

“We have seen them walking around here like nothing happened. They may not have been the people who killed Shileen but they (ordered) her hit,” he adds.

The community leader says the families of Kim, Shannon and Leonard will challenge the release.

“Their families plan on taking legal action,” he says.

“Right now the area is tense and people are crippled with fear. People don’t feel like they want to speak to the police anymore.”

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