‘We don’t feel safe, not for ourselves or our children’



October 27, 2016
‘We don’t feel safe, not for ourselves or our children’

FEAR: Gang rape in Blikkiesdorp

Sexual assault outrage after woman, 42, is gang raped.

Blikkiesdorp’s female residents say they are living in fear after a woman was gang-raped.

The 42-year-old victim is recovering in hospital after she was attacked by a gang of men who broke into her home on
Monday afternoon.

Cops allege the woman was drunk at the time, but Blikkiesdorp residents says this is not true.

A resident, who did not want to be identified, says the victim was found with a beer bottle shoved into her vagina.

She says the victim and her boyfriend were inside the house eating when the gang struck.

“While they were inside, they heard the windows of the boyfriend’s car break, and they came out to see what was happening,” she says.

“The skollies then went into her house and beat up her and her boyfriend.

“People around couldn’t hear her screams because they (attackers) put the music loud.

“The neighbour came out so the gang pointed a gun at her and told her to go back inside.

“Later we found (the victim) on the bed with her legs open and the beer bottle still in her vagina.

“She didn’t want to talk about it, she was just lying there but she wasn’t drunk.”

Another resident adds: “Police didn’t arrest them yet and we see them walking around here like nothing happened.

“We don’t feel safe, not for ourselves or our children.”

Police’s Frederick van Wyk confirms no arrests have been made.

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