We can still save the Bok

We can still save the Bok

BE HONEST: Allister Coetzee

Crucial rugby indaba this week has to tick all the critical boxes.

It says  a lot that the man who is deemed the voice of the nation on Saturdays when it comes to rugby, Nick Mallett, has declined the offer to join this week’s Bok indaba.

For whatever reason Mallett turned down the offer, I guess it’s his right to keep his ideas to himself.

I, for one, am really interested to see what we will learn and get from the think tank, led by Brendan Venter.

One topic that should definitely be on the agenda is transformation.

And here I want coach Allister Coetzee to be brutally honest in terms of the impact it has on selection and if it also influences his approach to certain games.

There is no doubt that we have come a long way in terms of development for all.

I am still of the opinion that regardless of the colour of your skin, the team should be picked on merit.

Labelling players and saying a certain amount of this and that is simply not the way forward, it’s not the way to unite the nation.

Then there is the European exodus. We need to stop the leak somehow.

I don’t think forking out big sums of money to pay players’ salaries at the Kings – simply because you want an extra Super Rugby team, whether competitive or not – is the answer.

In fact, I know it’s not the answer

Wouldn’t that money have been put to better use if it lured back some of the country’s finest from overseas.

Here I think of players such as Johan Goosen, Duane Vermeulen, Jacques du Plessis, etc?

Springbok rugby can’t afford to lose players to overseas clubs annually.

But even if we do have the players, can we knit them together into a decent

Like Barack Obama says: “Yes, we can!” In order to do so, though, the guys involved will have to decide whether we will stick to the bash-bash and kick game, or whether we will aim to run wild.

Coetzee seems to be a fan of the bash approach. But let’s not be fooled, we have skilful players in this country.

Running rugby is not a new concept.

It was the only way the real amateurs played rugby back in the day.

What we need is proper conditioning.

Our players need to be able to play at a high intensity for a full 80 minutes and they should also have the ability to hurt you physically with tackles and even when they are on attack. Harder, tougher, more skillful stars.

The indaba will no doubt be a heated affair. And with the heat, sometimes you don’t get outcomes.

Let’s just hope this is not a
fruitless exercise.

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