[WATCH] ‘Vote EFF for Cape land’



May 16, 2016
[WATCH] ‘Vote EFF for Cape land’
Juju plays Robin Hood by promising to 'take from the rich and give to the poor'.

EFF boss Julius Malema wants to win Cape local elections so he can take land from the rich to give to the poor.

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ red beret brigade rolled into the Cape yesterday and will spend the next two days visiting residents in Philippi, Khayelitsha, Du Noon and Stellenbosch.

Yesterday, over a thousand supporters crammed into the Gugulethu Sports Complex with some forced to stand outside.

Juju said: “There is too much land in the Western Cape, the problem is that it is owned by foreign people.

“Here in the Western Cape, land is extremely expensive, even the municipality cannot afford to buy it back.

“When we take over the province, we will expropriate it without compensation and give it to the people.

“You are nothing without the land.

“They don’t undermine you because you are uneducated or do not have money, they undermine you because you have no property.

“Our people don’t invade land because they are excited, but because they want a piece of land for their children. This winter you will see a lot of invasions from people seeking a little comfort.

“Mandela did not go to prison so that you can vote, that was a by-the-way. He went to prison so that you can have land.

“Go around telling them [rich white people] you want your land back, don’t be apologetic.

“When you have land, you will work and produce food and feed yourself and if there is some left over, you will sell it to outside countries.

“We won’t want child support grants because we can work for ourselves, but until you give us land, you must give us social grants and double them.”

Malema said the problem with government is that they invest money in unimportant things like bicycle lanes and the Gautrain instead of improving lives of the poor.

“There is a lot of money in Camps Bay; the rich people must pay for water and electricity of poor people,” he said.

“The rich must be ashamed of being rich, if you are truly ashamed then pay an extra R200 to take care of the poor.

“Let those who benefited from apartheid contribute to the well-being of the poor, they are always saying sorry, well sorry is no longer enough.”

Malema ripped into Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane saying he is just a puppet.

“[Helen] Zille is the real leader; Maimane is just there to draw a salary.

“He must stop the white people from controlling him.”

Turning to President Jacob Zuma, Malema said: “All of us have been voting emotionally, voting for Tata Madiba, well, Mandela is no more.”

“You are voting for Zuma, don’t lie to yourself, there is no Mandela who looks like that, just look at his head.

“Mandela never gave the children of his friends children.

“We gave him a chance and should have known then already he was a disaster.”

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