WATCH: Pick n Pay staff baklei video



December 1, 2016
WATCH: Pick n Pay staff baklei video

FILMED: Tall staffer is seen choking shorter colleague

Civilian footage shows employees getting physical at Vangate shop.

A video of two Pick n Pay employees brawling has gone viral on social media.

The 56-second long video shows two staff members of a Pick n Pay store in Athlone caught in a heated argument, which ends in one choking the other.

The supermarket has confirmed they have launched an investigation, and has asked the parties involved to step forward.

The video, which went viral on YouTube a few days ago, was sent to the Daily Voice by a concerned shopper.

It is believed to have been filmed in the loading dock area of Pick n Pay, in Vangate Mall, on Sunday.

All the men in the clip are dressed in Pick n Pay’s distinctive uniform of blue shirts and navy blue pants.

The video shows an elderly man pointing fingers at a younger staff member while standing on a ledge.

He says to the young man: “Jy hou jou sterk gevriet, staan stil, hey, jy, jou bunny.”

Another man jumps off the platform and runs towards the younger man.

The two stand bors aan bors for a few seconds, their words muffled and not audible.

Next, the older man grabs the younger one by the neck, grabbing his shirt in a choke-hold, and dragging him along.

The younger man breaks away from him, and walks away. The older staff member follows him and they walk behind a truck and disappear from view.

It has yet to be determined who the staff members are.

The Daily Voice made contact with the person who posted the video, but the man asked to remain anonymous.

He confirmed the incident took place at Vangate Mall.

On Wednesday, Jarett van Vuuren, General Manager, Western Cape Pick n Pay, said they had no knowledge of the incident.

“Pick n Pay was not aware of the altercation between two staff members. We are investigating the incident, and it will be handled in accordance with our company values and policies.”

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