Watch out, here comes the TRT!



October 20, 2016
Watch out, here comes the TRT!

DOOR-TO-DOOR: Police search for suspects. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Cops crackdown on crime and gangs in Hanover Park.

Police say bloodthirsty gangs won’t stop until their rivals fall, forcing top cops to step in to try and stabilise the situation.

Yesterday, Mitchells Plain Police Acting Cluster Commander, Brigadier Mmagauta Letsoalo, and her team gathered at Philippi Police Station where more than 60 police officers from their Tactical Response Team (TRT) were called in to restore peace in Hanover Park.

Five months of peace ended last weekend after two people were killed and several people were wounded.

Rivalry between the Americans and Mongrels gangs is blamed for the bloodshed.

In yesterday’s operation, a total of six people were arrested, for reckless and negligent driving, possession of drugs, burglary and a warrant of arrest.

Top cop, Lieutenant Colonel Desmond Laing of Philippi Police Station began his search in Garda Street where he found a stash of counterfeit cigarettes and arrested a foreign national at a spaza shop.

Cops then set up a roadblock in Surran Street, searching suspicious-looking vehicles for drugs and firearms.

At Luganco Court, the house where a member of the Mongrels used to live was also searched.

His mother told cops she had not seen him since the gang violence began and that he was not involved in any gang or drug activity as they ransacked her home.

The Philippi Police Station Community Policing Forum Secretary, Weldon Cameron, says gangs won’t stop until there’s more bloodshed and called for an end to the carnage.

“There is tension in the air and they will not stop until a significant person is killed. We as the community condemn this,” he says

“We know that these shootings are happening in the times when there is a lot of traffic, when children are going to school. And these gangs are playing the numbers game, if one takes out one, the other does so.

“We must also not blame government but people should start at their own front doors.”

On Monday cops were called to Hanall Walk where Tauriq Isaacs, 19, was shot in the head while walking to a tuck shop.

Brigadier Letsoalo says the operation is part of their festive season blitz and has timed it perfectly after gang war broke out.

She adds that despite having cops on the ground, they need the community to also take a stand.

“We have to root out the gangs even before there is a killing,” she says.

“We want to know where the guns are. It’s the reason for the gang violence our crime intelligence is investigating.

“This is why we have TRT members on these operations, which are trained to help us.

“We are concentrating on drugs, dangerous weapons and firearms.”

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