WATCH: Ou Snorre maak gai van Bokke

WATCH: Ou Snorre maak gai van Bokke

ONLINE ADVERT: Peter de Villiers

De Villiers gives men advice on how to grow the perfect Movember moustache.

Love him, or hate him, former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers is a Bok vir sport.

Having gone off the rugby radar in South Africa and now working in Nambia, Snorre can now be seen in an online advert giving advice on how to grow the perfect moustache for Movember.

The video is as creative as De Villiers’ wordplay, and he takes a lighthearted swipe at the Springboks.

“What is going on with the South African moustache?” asks Snorman in the video.

“Thinking back to the time like 1995, we were feared and respected for our moustaches.

“Nowadays even the Japanese make ours look weak.

“If you have an under-growing and under-performing moustache, you can’t just blame the moustache, it’s the management.

“The moustache can only perform with good management you can’t use a stick and expect results.

“Moustaches have become old-fashioned and uncreative – we shouldn’t be content with close shaves, let’s go back to the basics and take a long, hard look at ourselves and see if we can manage to grow.”

Now we’ve seen some pretty appalling stuff from some rugby players in front of camera – most notably Handre Pollard in that Vodacom ad, and Bismarck du Plessis’ “Pump by die dam, pump-pump,” or something like that.

But Snorre has clearly shown the way. Well done, coach!

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