WATCH: Madeegha is back

WATCH: Madeegha is back

Madeegha Anders is part of Alistair Izobells latest show. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Taliep’s ex-wife finds voice on stage

Madheegha Anders is back and ready to claim her place in the spotlight.

She was just 17 years old when she made her professional singing debut in Swaziland, with Taliep Petersen and a group of other singers.

Years later she and Taliep married and the couple had four children — Jawaahier, 30, A’eesha, 27, Ashur, 24 and Fatima, 23.

The marriage didn’t last though and the couple separated in the 1990s.

Sadly, the music icon was shot and killed by his second wife on 16 December 2006 in his Grasmere Street home in Athlone.

Madeegha says the years following Taliep’s death were traumatic but with her children’s blessing, she has found her voice again.

“I performed over the years, a few times a year, but in 2016, I really decided this is my time now,” she tells Daily Voice.

“The children are big, my youngest (Fatima) is getting married next month, so now I just let my passion drive me and I’ve actually surprised myself.”

Most recently, she performed at the Taliep Tribute Concert on 29 October, along with her children.

And now she has a starring role in the Alistair Izobell production Kaapse Jol, starting at the Baxter Theatre on 1 December.

During rehearsals on Friday, Madeegha could be heard perfecting her high kicks and high notes as she prepares for opening night.

“I haven’t danced in so many years,” she says giggling.

“And the music in this show brings back a lot of memories for me.”

Madeegha says she still treasures the things Taliep taught her when she played Mary in his hit show, District Six: The Musical.

“I find now that my voice goes further and every day I discover something new,” she gushes.

Talking about her children and the loss of their father, Madeegha says: “They mask their pain with whatever they tackle in life, their work and their studies.”

“But it’s a pain that we have all learned to manage.

“I can look back now and say it was a dark time for me (as well), and one day I will tell people my story. But I will do it in song.”

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