[WATCH] Hungry for justice



May 16, 2016
[WATCH] Hungry for justice

OUT IN COLD: Rev. June Major

Reverend June Major's hunger strike takes its toll.

The Daily Voice’s Megan Baadjies chats to June Major and Aslam Toefy about June’s hunger strike. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi.

A female priest, 47, has been on hunger strike since Tuesday, after deciding to take a stand against a Bishop who ruined her life.

Reverend June Major, who served in the Anglican Church ministry for 14 years, is suing her Bishop for loss of income, after he allegedly sent a letter to her new employer in Australia, labelling her a troublemaker.

According to Rev June, she went to Counsell and confided the difficulties she was facing in the “male-dominated” church.

All she needed was a letter of commendation, which she says the Bishop promised her.

“He instead sent a letter telling the Australian Bishop that I was a troublemaker. He later denied this, but I believe he is simply trying to cover up what he did,” explains June.

“There are things that happened in the 14 years that prove this. A priest has tried to rape me, another to assault me and yet another has knocked over my son. None of these are my reason for striking.

“I want him to tell me why[ he wrote that letter].

“I’m hoping to see them [Bishop Counsell and Archbishop Makgoba] Monday but if they don’t come I will continue with my hunger strike.”

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