[WATCH] Chinese detergent maker’s ‘racist’ ad



May 31, 2016
[WATCH] Chinese detergent maker’s ‘racist’ ad

OFFSIDE: Chinese girl uses detergent to turn a black man into an Asian.

The detergent maker apologised the advertisement that has been labelled racist.

A Chinese detergent maker has apologised for a TV advertisement that has been labelled racist.

In Qiaobi laundry detergent’s ad, a black man tries to bowl an attractive Chinese woman, who calls him over.

She then stuffs a packet of detergent in his mouth and shoves him head-first into a washing machine.

Thereafter, the woman opens the lid and a fair-skinned Asian man pops out.

The ad aired in April but went viral on YouTube last week, racking up millions of views within a few days.

Chinese and foreign internet users condemned it as racist.

The company said in a statement: “We express our sincere apologies and sincerely hope that the many internet users and the media will not read too much into this.”

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