[WATCH] Boy falls in retail store, left with skew arm



May 26, 2016
[WATCH] Boy falls in retail store, left with skew arm

Abduragmaan fractured his right arm at the elbow after falling over the small oven in Game. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi.

Parents want Game to compensate them for damages, but the store says they are not at fault.

A seven-year-old boy from Mitchells Plain may be disabled for life after he stumbled over an appliance standing in an aisle in Game in the Liberty Promenade Mall.

The incident took place on January 6, but the little boy’s arm, which is growing at a right angle, is yet to heal.

His dad Armien Ariefdien, 33, says his son is in pain every day, and fears he could be disabled for life.

“The appliances should not be there (lying in the aisle). Game must compensate for what happened to my child,” adds the little boy’s mom.

However, Game tells Daily Voice that it was the boy’s own fault he got injured.

“It is clear from the video footage that the child tripped whilst playing, specifically he tripped whilst running away from his cousins who were chasing him.

“The child’s parents were provided with opportunity to view the footage, which they did. We have referred the matter to our insurers,” says Game spokesperson Tinabo Majaye-Khupe.

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