Violent case is moved to ‘secret location’



November 30, 2016
Violent case is moved to ‘secret location’

Rival gang threatens juvenile skollie in court

A case involving a teen 'hitman' gets special terms after the minor was threatened by rival thugs.

Rival gangsters threatening the life of a juvenile skollie caused a magistrate to move the matter to a secret location for security reasons.

The 14-year-old minor appeared in the Bellville Regional Court, charged with murder, the illegal possession of a firearm, and four counts of attempted murder, but he has not yet been asked to plead to the charges.

On the murder charge, it is alleged he belonged to a gang that used him as its “hitman”, and that he shot dead a member of a rival gang.

The boy was released into the care of his parents.

However, police were later tipped off that he was in illegal possession of a firearm, and when a group of four cops approached him, he allegedly opened fire on them, but missed.

His trial was scheduled to commence on Tuesday.

The first State witness subpoenaed to testify arrived at court, accompanied by a gangster.

In the courtroom, this skollie happened to recognise a rival, who was facing charges in a different matter.

The two got involved in a bekgeveg, and also aimed threats at the juvenile.

In one of the threats, the juvenile and another gangster were warned: “Today is the day that we’re taking you both out.”

Soon afterwards, more gangsters arrived — apparently members of the Boys gang.

For security reasons, the case involving the juvenile was postponed to January, at an undisclosed venue, when a heavy police presence is expected.

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