[VIDEO] Die poppe sal dans

[VIDEO] Die poppe sal dans

Chester Missing and Conrad Koch CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Conrad Koch introduces us to new puppets.

Chester missing, South Africa’s toughest puppet political analyst, has some new brasse.

A cast of brand-new puppets and voices will be taking to the stage in Conrad Koch’s latest show Puppet Guy, which is on at the Baxter Theatre later this month.

“The name of the show, Puppet Guy, has an interesting story behind it,” Conrad says excitedly.

He explains to the Daily Voice that even though he is the most-loved ventriloquist in South Africa, not many mense know what ventriloquism is all about.

“So many South Africans just refer to me as the POPI guy, POPI, being the Zulu word for puppet,” he says.

“There have been even government officials that have asked me how Chester speaks.”

And now the white guy who gives a voice to some very funny dolls wants us to get to know him and his new puppet friends ‘n bietjie better.

Mr Bag is an angry ou man who still wears a tie and he will be making his debut on the show.

He will let the audience know that he flew in “on a Mango flight”, says Conrad.

Just like Chester “Grootbek” Missing, Mr Bag will be pointing out those every day moments with a punchline.

Two other characters are Mr Lion, and Hilary the Ostrich, who is made out of feather dusters.

“This is just going to be fun, fun, fun, man. I’m having fun!” Conrad explains.

And the man behind the puppets has also made a name for himself (and Chester) as delivering snaakse political commentary but Conrad says this show is different.

“The show is politically aware, but it’s not obsessed with politics,” says Conrad.

Another feature to look out for is Conrad’s new Selfie Helmet.

The comedian designed a custom helmet that will be connected to the popular Snapchat app.

Mense in the audience will wear the contraption, which will project their filtered faces onto a big screen as Conrad voices their lip movements in true ventriloquist style.

The Puppet Guy is on at the Baxter Theatre on 23-24 September.

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