Vet’s house bombed



October 4, 2016
Vet’s house bombed

ALLEGED DRUG KINGPIN: Fadwaan "Vet" Murphy

Cops claim Pagad is behind attack on ‘tik mert’ huis.

Suspected drug kingpin and alleged leader of the Dixie’s gang, Fadwaan “Vet” Murphy’s home has been hit by a pipe bomb.

Police sources tell the Daily Voice they believe Pagad is behind the attack.

However, the People Against Gangsterism and Drugs have denied the claims, saying they had “no involvement” in the attack.

Last week, Murphy and four co-accused heard they would be facing 236 charges relating to money laundering, dealing in drugs and racketeering at the Khayelitsha Priority Crimes Court.

Murphy, 43, his ex-wife Shafieka Murphy, 49, his sister Glenda Bird, 46, Dominique Davidson and suspected henchman Leon Paulsen, 52, will go on trial in April 2017.

High-ranking police sources say on Sunday at about 9.45pm, three men dressed in Muslim attire driving a grey-coloured vehicle parked a few metres away from Murphy’s home in Turksvy Street, Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain.

The suspects flung the pipe bomb at the property before speeding off.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed an explosive device “made with nails” damaged two garage doors and two cars at Murphy’s house.

Murphy, his wife and children were not harmed in the attack.

“We can confirm a case of malicious damage to property is being investigated,” says Van Wyk.

“It is reported that a device with nails exploded at the two garage doors and damaged the doors as well as two vehicles inside the property. No persons were injured.

“The suspects and the motive for the attack are still unknown at this stage.”

Top cops working on Murphy’s case believe Pagad is behind the attack.

In 2009, during a public protest, alleged members of the Pagad splinter group, the G-Force, kicked in garage doors and stoned two properties of Murphy.

The police source says: “Reports received from criminal intelligence teams were that Pagad planned to throw a petrol bomb at Murphy’s house on Wednesday already.”

But Pagad spokesman Haroon Orrie says they are unaware of the incident: “We definitely have nothing to do with this and none of our members were involved.

“This is the first time it has come to our attention.

“We do know the communities are fed up of the individual you are referring to.”

A member of the G-Force, who asked not to be named, also denied involvement: “We moved out of the Lentegeur area, because other organisations are working in the area and we didn’t want to cause any friction.

“This is not the first time people have blamed us or used our names in an attack, but we are merely on the path of fighting gangsterism, not hurting anyone”

In March this year, a hand grenade was also flung at Murphy’s home, which police later confirmed was a toy.

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