‘Vampires’ appear in court



November 16, 2016
‘Vampires’  appear in court

Theresa Simons, 53, from Brooklyn shows her bite marks. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Pair in dock for gruesome biting attack.

A couple accused of a “vampire” attack on a woman have been arrested.

Vincent Walters, 49, and his 50-year-old girlfriend, Noleen De Grame, appeared at the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court this week.

The duo were nabbed on Friday, five days after Theresa Simons, 53, opened a case with police, claiming they drugged and attacked her.

The Brooklyn woman claims while having a dop with Walters and De Grame at their house on Saturday morning, November 5, she was drugged, bitten and beaten up by the two, who also robbed her and tried to rape her.

“His girlfriend held me down and he bit me on my stomach, on my lower back, he even stabbed me,” she said.

When she started praying, Walters allegedly told her: “Don’t say God here, Satan wants you.”

During this time, her husband who had been drinking with the couple, had gone to tiep in the park across the street.

Theresa says before the alleged attack, the four of them had suiped four boxes of wine over the course of six hours.

Noloyiso Rwexana confirms the two were arrested on charges of sexual assault.

But according to their charge sheet in court, the pair also face charges of robbery and attempted murder. The matter was postponed for the state to gather bail information.

“There were severe injuries [on the] complainant and stolen items, hence [charges] of robbery and attempted murder,” State prosecutor Cavallo added.

Magistrate Africa then postponed the matter to next Monday for bail information to allow investigators time to confirm alternative addresses for the accused.

Speaking to the Daily Voice yesterday, Theresa says she was relieved that her alleged attackers have been arrested.

“I am still traumatised by the whole ordeal; I look at my bruises and I get traumatised thinking that I am lucky to be alive,” she says.

“I even went to church and spoke to the pastor and realised it’s time I changed my ways, this is a second chance for me to get back to the person I once was. I have reduced my amount of drinking, I no longer drink from morning until night, I just have two glasses of wine with my supper.

“People are trying to paint me as a drunkard but I was not that drunk that day, I remember everything until I started feeling woozy from whatever they put in my drink and when I came to, I can still remember them biting me and burning me with cigarettes.”

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