‘Vampire’ bail bid delayed



November 22, 2016
‘Vampire’ bail bid delayed

ATTACK: Theresa, 53

State needs time to get bail information on accused.

A Brooklyn couple accused of biting a woman “like vampires” following a day of heavy drinking will wait until Friday to launch their bid for freedom.

Vincent Walkers, 49, and his girlfriend Noleen De Grame, 50, appeared briefly at the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Monday on charges of attempted murder and robbery.

It’s alleged that on November 5, they attacked 53-year-old Theresa Simons at their home, after drinking four boxes of wine with her and her husband.

The mother of four claims she was kicked, burnt with cigarettes and bitten by Walkers, while his girlfriend held her down before they robbed her off her cellphone and money.

State Prosecutor Carvali indicated on Monday he would be opposing bail and needed time to get bail information on both accused.

“We request a remand until November 25 for bail information, given the charges they face the state needs to verify this information first,” he said.

“With regards to accused one, we will need to check his record for previous convictions.”

But the pair’s lawyer, Mr Mentoor, opposed the postponement.

“It is troubling that bail information has not been obtained, accused one has indicated he has a previous conviction, but it was over 20 years ago, while accused two has a clean record,” said Mr Mentoor.

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