Two girls perish in household fire



September 19, 2016
Two girls perish in household fire

GONE: Keesha Visser, 8, and Renecia Visser, 6

A family is left traumatised after two family members, aged six and eight, died when flames engulfed their bedroom.

A Kensington family are devastated by the loss of two little girls over the weekend.

Renecia Visser, six, and Keesha Visser, eight, who loved going to church and singing, died after a part of their home was gutted by a fire on Saturday morning before 9am.

The children had been sleeping in their ouma’s bedroom when the fire broke out in their Glider Crescent home.

The girls’ aunt, Tasneema Adams, says they only heard Renecia’s desperate cries for help.

Tasneema says they have no idea how the fire started in the room, which is located right next to hers, but when she woke up, both single beds were already burning.

The girls’ grandmother Valencia Visser, 52, said: “I was sleeping when Renecia woke me up to show me that the other room was on fire. I quickly ran out to get water and by the time I returned to the room, it was too late. She had inhaled a lot of smoke and collapsed.”

Renecia’s mother, Raushan Visser, 22, was too traumatised to speak.

She broke down as she looked at the pictures of her daughter.

Tasneema says they didn’t realise the little girls were still in the burning bedroom when they went to fetch the water.

Valencia’s brother Ronald Visser adds: “My sister thought both children were out front already.”

It’s believed Keesha never woke up and died in her sleep.

Emergency Medical Services spokesman Robert Daniels says an investigation into the cause of the fire is underway.

“Forensic pathology services were alerted to remove the remains of the two girls, aged six and eight, but details surrounding the unfortunate incident are still unclear.”

A heartbroken Ronald says the lively little girls will be missed.

Ronald says: “They were always singing, and when we eat, they were the first to pray. They were always up early, and played with all the kids in the street.”

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