Two dead after weekend knife attacks



November 2, 2016
Two dead after weekend knife attacks

MURDERED: Musfeeq May, 14 and Ronaldo Coetzee, 18

Mitchells Plain teens killed an hour apart, five arrests made.

The son of a Community Policing Forum member in Mitchells Plain has been arrested on a charge of murder.

The 17-year-old was nabbed along with four others for stabbing 18-year-old Ronaldo Coetzee on Saturday night.

About an hour before Ronaldo was killed, a 14-year-old Musfeeq May was also stabbed to death in the same area.

According to their families, the victims do not know each other.

Musfeeq and his cousin were returning from a tuck shop just after 9pm when he was attacked in Kilimanjaro Street in Tafelsig.

His traumatised cousin, who did not want to be named, told the Daily Voice a group of boys took Musfeeq’s peak cap and then went to hide at a friend’s house “for safety”.

When the cousins came out a short while later, three boys attacked them.

He says: “We ran but Musfeeq fell and they caught him, they started stabbing him and I ran back, but they turned on me and I had to leave Musfeeq because he was already dead and I was scared.”

Musfeeq’s mom Raeesa May, 36, says: “I think my son was killed because of jealousy over girls. He was in Grade 9 at Tafelsig High and wasn’t involved in gangsterism.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk says no one has been arrested for Musfeeq’s murder yet.

Meanwhile, just an hour after Musfeeq was killed, only four streets away in Sentinel Road, Ronaldo was stabbed by a group of boys after he allegedly had an argument with one of them.

Ouma Monica Martin, 72, says: “He was stabbed out of jealousy, those boys who killed him used to be his friends and always slept in my house, but recently they broke apart.

“Ronaldo has a gangster brother who is very naughty, I was always prepared for a knock on my door to say his brother was killed but never for Ronaldo.”

The granny says a witness came to tell her that Ronaldo “was thrown to the ground and stabbed 20 times”.

On Monday night, residents protested outside the home of CPF member Sakiena Daniels, 48, in Tafelsig, demanding she hand over her son to cops.

She says: “I am sorry about their loss, but why blame me for it? I can’t see what my son does when he is outside.”

Sakiena says she was notified about the stabbing and learnt about her son’s involvement when she got to the scene.

“On Sunday I hammered him to tell me the truth and he started crying and told me ‘Mommy, I told them it wasn’t necessary to stab him so much’.”

Residents burnt tyres and protested until police arrived to arrest her son.

Sakiena says: “The community want me off the CPF and out of the area but I refuse to move. I have to get up any time of the night when they need me but now they blame me.”

Van Wyk confirms five suspects were arrested for Ronaldo’s murder are expected to appear in the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court today.

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