Two bust for teen’s murder



September 19, 2016
Two bust for teen’s murder

Fouzia Cassiem lost her son, Tashreeq, on Saturday

A community worker's son's gunned down in street.

A well-known Cape Flats community worker buried her 18-year-old son yesterday after he was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Stalwart of the informal settlement Overcome Heights in Lavender Hill, Fouzia Cassiem’s son Tashreeq was shot in Seawinds on Saturday. Two teenage suspects were arrested for his murder.

According to police, Tashreeq was standing on the corner of St Peter and St Patrick Avenue when a white Toyota Tazz pulled up, a passenger jumped out and opened fire on the unsuspecting teen.

Witnesses claim the shooter ran off, while the driver sped away.

Fouzia, known for fighting for social justice in her impoverished community, was too overcome with grief to speak to the Daily Voice yesterday.

The mom of two, who is the chairperson of the Overcome Community Committee, was very emotional, sobbing over the loss of her eldest child.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms the incident.

“The 18-year-old victim was walking in the road at the C/O St Peter and St Patrick Avenue, Seawinds, when a white Toyota Tazz stopped next to him,” he explains.

“The passenger got out and shot the victim in the head and both legs. The suspect fled on foot while the Toyota sped off. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment, but died shortly after.

“Meanwhile, the vehicle was recovered and the two suspects age 17 and 18 were arrested. A murder case was opened for investigation.”

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