Twins born on parents’ wedding day



September 7, 2016
Twins born on parents’ wedding day

TWO SWEET: Denzil and Tracey-Lee Peters with newborn twins Carl and Caden.

Bride gives birth to twins boys the morning of her wedding day.

Imagine getting ready for your wedding, but instead of going on honeymoon, you end up in hospital with your newly born twins.

That’s exactly what happened to Delft couple Tracey-Lee, 24, and Denzil Peters, 26, who not only tied the knot on Saturday, but also became parents for the first time, to twins nogal, who they named Carl and Caden.

The couple managed to say their vows at Tygerberg Hospital’s maternity ward after their twin boys decided to arrive earlier than scheduled.

Denzil says it’s a moment they will never forget.

“I can’t describe the happiness in my heart,” Denzil told the Cape Argus.

“We had long planned on getting married and finally decided that September 3 would be the big day, not knowing that these two beautiful boys would be part of it.”

He says when Tracey-Lee told him she was going into labour early on Saturday morning, he thought she was joking.

“It was at 6am when I realised that she was serious, so we rushed to Tygerberg Hospital.”

He said is wife was “emotional” when they arrived at hospital, realising they’d probably miss their big day.

But when the nurses found out it was supposed to be their wedding day, they suggested the couple continue with their plans.

The wedding continued in the maternity ward with their priest, Rector Louw, from the Leiden Central Church in Delft.

The new mom said she was “overjoyed and happy” about the day.

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