Trust a woman to do a good job



May 13, 2016
Trust a woman to do a good job

Lady Owners CTs fundraiser for Kiane Perrang, 4. CREDIT: Skippy Photography

Lady Owners CT funds half-blind boy’s eye op

With so much going on in our thriving Cape car scene, it’s important to now and again to return to the roots, the beginnings, where people get themselves and their kwaai karre together to reach out and help those in need in the community.

And Lady Owners CT, a social group of female car owners, has done just that with an event at the Goodwood sports field recently for half-blind Kiane Perrang, four.

Bobby Nitro spoke to Yasmina Marshall of Lady Owners CT.

Yasmina says: “I was at another fundraiser and I saw this little boy standing there smiling and as happy as can be, despite being blind in his one eye.”

The event she was at was a park-off at N1 City that had been arranged by Outlaw Stance, a member of which is a friend of the boy’s family.

“It really broke my heart, and I approached his mother and we got talking. At the age of two, Kiane’s eye had been penetrated by a sharp object and he lost all vision in it.

“Since then he has had five operations.

“Other clubs have raised funds to assist with the medical bills but we found out that there was still a rather large amount that needed to be paid to keep the treatment going.”

The boy’s mom, Dominique Perrang, says: “Kiane is waiting on a donor and one has been found in the USA. The waiting list in SA is too long and can take more than three years.”

“As a parent, when he grows up, I need to be able to tell Kiane that I tried everything.”

So, with Yasmina having connected with Dominique and inspired to help, she rallied the ladies of the social group and they planned the Goodwood event for April 30, their first real show.

Yasmina, who also rolls with Team Nissan, says: “We were scared, it being our first event, but we stuck to our intentions of raising the cash and we hit the target with just a few hundred Rands to spare. It was small, with just a few clubs coming out, but we achieved what we set out to achieve, which is what really counts.”

And she tells of the handover on the Monday morning, saying: “With all us females as well as Kiane’s mother Dominique Perrang, you can imagine the waterworks as we gave her the exact amount the family needed to pay the bills. The tears of relief could not be stopped.”

“A big thank you goes out to all who contributed, and a special mention to Team Honda, who arrived at the last hour with the extra money we needed to meet the target.”

Yasmina thanks Sound Match for their donations as well as Cape Polo Crew, Club Civic, Club Sxoc, LowBallers and Team Nissan who won the club display trophy.

Kiane’s surgery is on July 19.

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