Truck hijackers bust at mall



November 15, 2016
Truck hijackers bust at mall

STAY DOWN: Six alleged hijackers made to lie down at Ottery Centre

Cops corner six men in stolen truck in Ottery.

Six suspected hijackers were stopped in their tracks by cops outside a Cape Flats shopping centre.

Wakker police had chased after the suspects from an unknown location to the Ottery Centre in Ottery Road on Monday afternoon.

It is believed the gang tried to pass themselves off as security guards when they drove the hijacked truck into the parking lot of the centre to evade cops.

But as soon as they pulled up, police officers pounced and had them lying face down on the ground where they were handcuffed.

Shocked shoppers and staff members surrounded the men, who were made to lie in a line, head to toe, while cops took down their details.

The white truck, with a red rear, was later removed by police.

Police could not provide more details about the alleged hijacking or the arrests yesterday.

Captain FC Van Wyk told the Daily Voice they were still awaiting feedback on which police station or unit made the arrest.

The Ottery Centre says they were aware of the incident but that it was not connected to the centre in any way.

“The incident had nothing to do with the centre,” the centre said in a statement.

“The Ottery Centre can confirm that six suspects were arrested in the parking lot where they drove a hijacked truck to escape the police giving chase.

“The truck has been removed from the centre.”

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