Truck driver sends message to teen bully [WATCH]



October 13, 2016
Truck driver sends message to teen bully [WATCH]

SOCIAL MEDIA STAR: Josh "Drizzy" Bergh

Josh "Drizzy" Bergh aka Uncle B gives the 16-year-old cyber bully some life advice.

The truck driver from Touwsrivier whose post about the #FeesMustFall protests went viral and had more than one million views is at it again.

This time Josh Drizzy Bergh rek sy bek about the video in which a 16-year-old meisie threatens to escort another girl to her grave that went viral and made news headlines.

“The only thing that is or was escorted to the grave is her reputation,” states Bergh in his straightforward manier.

The 27-year-old man starts off saying his post isn’t about protesting students.

I’m completely past it, next to it, over it, on it and completely around it.

“My entire outlash was directed at students and not criminals)” says Bergh before he goes on to address the issue of cyber bullying.

Hy val sommer in die deur by asking how she could brag about her relatives being attorneys and in the police but then using vulgar language to diss, hurt and bully another person.

“I hope your school work is also on Fleek like the p-word you use…

“And I hope your step grandma, seeing that she’s still so young, took of her police belt and gave you a helse pak slae (damn good spanking) with it,” says Bergh.

He adds: “Jy bly in ‘n Fanta blikkie waarvan die gas uitgetrek het (You live in a fantasy world).”

Bergh’s post on his page Josh Drizzy Bergh – Uncle Becker has gone viral with more than 35 000 views and 1 800 shares hours after he posted it.

He goes on to say he isn’t here to diss but to give advice and says he sincerely hopes the teenager has learnt her lesson.

He also cautions bullies to “stop julle nonsens  (stop your nonsense)” and adds: “Bou mekaar op en hou op mekaar teleurstel en te diss (Build each other up instead of breaking each other down) .

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