Tronkvoel’s tjommie is jolling with his ex



November 23, 2016
Tronkvoel’s tjommie is jolling with his ex

SCANDALOUS: Vivica A Fox stars in Motives 2

Vivica A Fox stars in 'Motives 2: Retribution' at 10.30pm on

Eish, when a movie goes straight to video, you shouldn’t expect too much.

But still dishes us up Motives 2: Retribution at 10.30pm. At least it stars Vivica A Fox, who you might recognise from films such as Batman & Robin, Kill Bill, Independence Day, and a couple of episodes of Empire.

The film is set three years after the first one, when Emery Simms was put in the mang for a murder he didn’t commit. En hier kom die drama now his best friend Brandon and ex-wife Connie are married.

But when Simms is killed in prison, new evidence comes to light about Brandon’s role in the framing of his friend.

More prison problem in Muvhango (SABC2 at 9pm), when KK visits Matshido.

This guy soek vir moeilikheid, and poor Matshido is losing his mind and KK is pushing him closer to the edge.

Jinne, vengeance maak mens lelike dinge doen!

We’ve all had that sinking feeling in our stomach right as you get a disturbing phone call. But what poor Mangi (Scandal, at 7.30pm), doesn’t know is that he is just being manipulated!

Don’t miss how he and Dintle scramble for the rest of the week to sort things out.

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